Friday, September 23, 2005


So, all this hurricane stuff has really got me thinking. (Is that correct English?)
Hurricane Katrina was some crazy stuff, right? And people probably did not realize how bad things were going to get so they stayed in their homes until it was too late.
Now hurricane Rita comes along. And it's threatening Texas. People in Houston are being told to evacuate their homes. So they are. They have a little bit of time because I guess the storm is not supposed to hit real bad until sometime on Saturday. So they can pack up their cars and head inland. Which is no treat because everyone else is doing it too. Someone was interviewed on the news and he had gone 48 miles in 13 hours. Youch. Our friend's family lives in Houston and left their house. It took them 6 hours to go 12 miles. Ugh. They are staying with some other family now and hope to be safe.

Anywhoo, that brings me to my latest thoughts. If I knew I had to evacuate my house and there was a strong possibility that my house and everything in it could get destroyed........what would I bring with me?
Let's say I had a couple hours to pack up and I could only bring what could fit in my car, what would I take?
My family of course. I think that goes without saying. But I said it so you guys wouldn't give me a hard time about not saying it.
Basics - I suppose I should take some clothes but just my favorites because I can always buy new clothes. And I would bring some food and water because I may be on the road for awhile trying to get to wherever I am going.
I think I would go from room to room and take the important things from each one.
Our bedroom: The clothes, some toiletries, some hats. My jewelry, specifically whatever Shauli gave me and an heirloom ring that came from my great grandma.
Jonah's bedroom: Some clothes and if there is room, a copy of a painting by my mom. Also, a baby down comforter and pillow my mom made when we were little. My baby blanket that Jonah used.
The guest room: A wall hanging/quilt that someone made for us from our wedding. Important papers like birth certificates and passports. Jonah's shot records and social security number. And photo albums.......I guess I would not have room for ALL my albums but I would go through and grab my favorite pictures. And I could bring the negatives of my pictures. Those don't take up too much room.
The computer room: My discs of pictures from Jonah's birth and on and our digital camera. Maybe our computer tower? I feel like there is a lot of information on that computer but I don't know if it is worth the room that it would take up. I think I would take my wedding dress. And Shauli's kittel.
The Living Room: Our ketubah. The painting my mom made for me and some favorite pictures. Some photo albums. My wedding tiara. My Shabbas candlesticks and the Shabbas blessing picture that my mom-in-law made for me. Our wedding pics and negatives. Shauli probably wouldn't want to part with his X-box. Jonah's baby book.
Kitchen: I already said food and drink. My dad's cookbook. Shauli's cutco knives? Those are expensive.
Basement: Now comes the hard part. That's where all my boxes of memories are. Things from when I was little, favorite toys, diaries, a memory box full of things that were my dad's. I guess I would just try to rifle through them quickly and grab the most important things.

And that's that. Would it all fit? Am I missing some REALLY crucial things? Possibly. Did I write too many material things? I'm not sure.

Now if I had to leave quickly - the list would definitely shorten. Hmm..............................

What about YOU? What would you bring?


jmpjules99 said...

I was begining to think you've disappeared!!

I would bring the picture frames of my dad and grandpa...clothes...our the photos I could fit in the car...we don't really have any memorable art...

I dunno what else I would bring!

Air Time said...

Pictures and a wedding K'tubah are nice, but don't forget your passport, bank information, birth certificates, Social Security cards, stock certificates, bonds and anything other important paperwork.

Rolling hills of green said...

Wow, that is so detailed. Whwne I thought about that The only really chashuv thing I could think of was my Great- Grndma's candlelabra. But a ketuba is a good idea. And pictures, but I can't imagine turning around to get the pictures.

Olah Chadasha said...

I agree with airtime. Must not forget to bring any important documents that you dont have put away in a safety deposit box. Pictures would be one of the most important things on my list. So irreplacable.

Shelley and Ariel said...

I guess none of you have TiVo (or 2) like us! Oh and a 12 pack of diet coke (at least!)

You are all far too practical!

da shevster said...

"My jewelry, specifically whatever Shauli gave me"

shu gave u jewelry?> sry, cant see him going romantic....

DonutsMom said...

I already covered the important documents from the guest room.
Yes, Shu gave me jewelry. Aside from the wedding band and engagement ring, he has given me two bracelets, a necklace that he proposed with and 2 pairs of earrings. Aww, he CAN be romantic!